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    All massages and treatments can be organised and booked through our house manager.

    Hamman is Arabic for bathroom. People come here to wash themselves. It is appreciated and known by locals as a therapy bath, since the slaves made use of the bath for their Trance therapy "Gnaoua" and gave it the name of their Gnaoua-spirit: Lalla Mira.

    Women especially follow the custom of an extensive care programme in the hammam. To begin with, you are washed with "black soap", a naturally coloured, pure vegetable product; that is followed by a whole body peeling with a scrubbing mitten and a pack of Rhassoul, finely grounded volcanic rock; thereafter you are washed thoroughly once more, including hair, and finally, your whole body is rubbed with Argan oil.

    Berber Massage
    One or two hour massages can be organised.

    The Sofitel Thalassa Mogador has a range of Thalassotherapy treatments.
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