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    Essaouira is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The word Essaouira means image and is probably the best known coastal tourist town of Morocco. Essaouria has succeeded in mixing French influences with Moroccan traditions and culture and the result is an international ambiance.

    Essaouira is world renowned for its local artisan products such as wood sculpting, paintings, fabrics and music.

    Dating back 3000 years, this fortified fishing village has played a very important role throughout Moroccan history, at one point controlled by the Portugese, then the French before control was returned to the Kingdom of Morocco in 1956.

    Fine sand beaches stretch as far as you can see and water sport lovers from all over the world return to these beaches each year.

    Family/adventure activities can be organised by our house manager all year round. They include camel riding, dune buggies, trekking, surfing, swimming, tennis, sailing, cycling, fishing, horse riding, wind-surfing and mountain biking.

    The port comes to life when the boats return from a long day at sea. The fish auctions are great to watch and if you enjoy seafood you have come to the right place. Most of the local restaurants have daily fresh fish specials. The local specialty is grilled sardines.

    Narrow and curving passageways make up the medina of Essaouira. The passageways are lined by tall white houses with blue doors and artisana workshops are found at every turn.

    Ancient ramparts protect the city from the ocean winds and they resemble the ramparts found today in Saint Malo, in Northern France. The ramparts were originally designed by a French architect in order to protect the inhabitants from invaders.

    The historic canons are still found along the accessible Skala of the Kasbah and the exterior scenes of Orson Welles film Othello were filmed here.

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