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    All excursions can be organised and booked through our house manager.

    You can take a boat trip out to the Mogador Islands, breeding ground for the rare Eleanora’s falcon, and the bird sanctuary on the Lies Purpuaires and do some birdwatching in the Ksob river.

    At low tide, walk 2 miles along the beach and see the romantic fort of Borj El Barod crumbling into the sea, or the ruined sultan's palace at Diabet

    Vineyard visit
    Visit the vineyard at Ounagha (Val d’Argan) and try some of the locally produced wine.

    Local village visit

    Mountain biking/Bicycle tours
    Bicycles may be easily rented. Our Guardian can advise you on particular tours and routes.

    Our Guardian can advise you on trips.

    Horse / Camel Riding
    It is possible to hire a horse or camel for any excursion that takes your fancy. Simply walk down the beach towards the surfing area to find a suitable donkey. Competion for customers on the beach is strong, so be ready to bargain for a decent price.

    Quad biking
    Spend half a day tearing through the sand dunes on quads around the nearby beach of Sidi Kaouki.

    To experience the beauty of the Moroccan coastline there is little that can surpass going on a quad bike outing. 4 hour safaris cost about 500Dh per person. They are very safety conscious, yet you'll still get the occasional adrenaline rush as the instructors put you through your paces on the sand dunes.

    Moulay Bouzerktoune
    Hire a bike, car, taxi or caleche (horse-drawn taxi) and visit the nearby beach of Moulay Bouzarqtoune, enjoying lunch at the lovely café Lawama overlooking the ocean and watching windsurfers in action.
    This is a stretch of beach with a stronger side shore wind than Essaouira, where the Atlantic and North East trades meet, Moulay offers one of the best wave spots just outside Europe. In the winter with 2 - 5 meters waves this is a spot for confident wave sailors only. Take food and drink as only basics will be available.

    Sidi Kaouki
    To the south of Essaouira this is a 5 km long beach again with a cross shore wind and good waves in the winter. Conditions here can vary and with different entry points you will find the right waves for beginner and more advanced wave sailors.

    Gnaoua and World Music Festival
    Go in late June for the Essaouira Gnaoua and World Music Festival. - a lively week-long event with performances ranging from traditional slave-derived music to contemporary jazz.

    Festival of the Atlantic Andalusias
    Location: Essaouira
    The Festival of the Atlantic Andalusias in Essaouira celebrates the Andalusian contribution to the cultures of Spain, North Africa and Latin America. Love songs, Arabic violin suites, Gypsy dances, flamenco rock and even Mexican folk tunes are featured.

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