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    There is a comprehensive list of restaurants, bars and cafes with reviews, prices, and favourite dishes listed in the information file in Dar Doughri.

    The restaurants are cheap and cheerful, overflowing with fresh seafood from sardines, shrimps and calamari to John Dory and lobster. They offer a variety of Moroccan, French and Italian cuisine.

    Al Fresco
    At lunchtime try one of the little fish stalls at the entrance to the harbour - where a wonderful selection of seafood is grilled to order straight from the boats (no alcohol served).

    In the evening the fisherman come back to port in their brightly painted boats, their nets bursting with sardines, and people jostle on the quays to buy the fresh fish. You won't find anything fresher for dinner - A plate of the freshest sardines costs about 1!

    Supermarkets known as Superettes will supply you with condiments, beauty products, candles, nappies, baby food etc and take the pressure off visiting the markets in the souks every day. The prices are fixed and not used often by the locals as they prefer to haggle in the Medina.

    Superette Al Attisir is a short walk from the Dar. Al Fath and the Moroccan supermarket chain 'Essawak Essalam' are a few minutes from the Dar by 'petit taxi' - it is very well stocked, albeit without alcohol. (see Taxi section if you are planning a big shop)

    Off license located on Avenue Moulay Youssef leading to Bab Doukala. There is also an alcohol shop near Superette de la Plage on the beach front ask there for directions. Moroccan wine and beer is of a high standard and should certainly be sampled in good quantities.

    Bakery when you leave the front door turn left and walk to the road and turn left again - there is a patisserie for croissants etc but be warned they sell out early.

    Cafes and Patisseries
    There are plenty of cafes and patisseries surround the main square, Place Prince Moulay Hassan and this is a perfect location for a late breakfast and to watch the world go by.
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