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    Water temperatures are generally 20°C in the summer (shortie) dropping to around 15C in the winter (full 5/3).

    The sandy crescent shaped bay of Essaouira offers mixed conditions, with flat shallow water closer to the town, chop in the mid bay and waves downwind. An ideal spot for all levels as well as wave novices.

    Wind-surfing and Kite-surfing
    Essaouira offers windsurfers and kitesurfers the opportunity to sail in a whole variety of conditions. In the summer months, you can count on finding a slight windchop to flat conditions in the morning, with waves building in the afternoon at the wind end of the bay. Wave conditions are especially good on the southern side of the bay in spring and autumn (2 -4 m) but smaller from mid-June to August (0.5 to 1 m) for novice wave sailors. View the wind reports.

    Waves are generally between ˝ m and 2 ˝ m high (up to 5 m in winter). Good surf spots can be found within a 25km radius of Essaouira - take the bus/taxi south from Essaouira to the small fishing village of Sidi Kaouki (also popular with windsurfers) or north to Safi Beach (not to be confused with the city of the same name)You must surf it early in the morning before the wind comes up; say by 7AM latest. There are two spots, the first is a left that breaks in front of the old factory and the second is down the beach past the end of the rocks. If the surf is over 6 feet Safi gets too big and you will have to surf in the bay down by the lighthouse.

    Essaouira Beach, has a soft sand bottom and is good for all levels. The beach is best at high tide with light north wind. The entire bay is protected by the Isle de Mogador and spans a full 180 degrees. Where you surf depends on the swell size. When it is big you surf nearer to the port and when it is small you go the other end of the beach near the lighthouse. The bay handles our prevailing northerly winds to up to 15 mph and a swell size up to 3M. The big sets usually close out so try to set up for the sweet in-betweeners.

    Safi Beach is my favorite place to surf in Essaouira. It’s located on the other side of town from the bay at the end of the main auto route in the new city. There are two spots. The first is a left that breaks in front of the abandoned factory at the beginning of the beach. The second is the main beach with lefts and rights located further north at the end of the little dirt path and the rocks. Safi Beach is tricky with sand and rock bottoms so be careful. It only breaks when the waves are under 2M and the wind is light or from the south. Both spots are best from mid to high tide and because of the wind, are usually only good in the morning.

    The Cave is our only local big wave spot. It is about 10 miles from Essaouira on the road to Sidi Kaouki. When everything else is closed and windy you can still get waves at this right point. It breaks best at over 2.5M, medium to high tide and wind from the north. It is best accessed by 4wd, but you can also drive to the little village near the Cap Sim Lighthouse and walk. There is also an inside spot called the Courant that you see on the way to the Cave if it is really big.

    There are plenty of places to rent all the wind and kite-surfing equipment and surf boards, as well as offering instruction. Pre-booking equipment rental is recommended in high season. If you are not the surfer in the group then sit back and read a book inside or out at the licensed Ocean Vagabond Café/Restaurant while you wait for the others to return.

    There is a Tennis Municipale being built but at time of writing this I did not have any information on when it was to open. Any information would be welcome.

    This is a very exciting project for Essaouira. It is now playable, and due to be complete in 2012. The entire resort measures in the region of 5,700.000 m2 and feature a Gary Player golf course and three luxury hotels. Those that have played on the course say that it is of an extremely high standard, probably the best in Morocco and hoping to be recognised the international scene.
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